The day my son had a dog shaped hole – the joy of owning a pet

I never wanted a dog

the day my son had a dog shaped hole - the joy of owning a pet I didn’t want a dog.  I have to confess to that.  There were no yearnings for a best friend.  Not once.  I had no sentimental urges to personify an animal.  I’d no interest in Black Beauty.  I didn’t want to curl up in a sleeping bag with Timmy from the Famous Five.  I couldn’t even fathom why people had dogs.  I thought they were hairy, stinky animals who curled up on the couch when you weren’t looking. 

So when I looked at dogs I thought “Yikes!”  Yikes because I’d once run, adrenalized, through the fields as a teenager, away from what seemed to be a rabid wolf.  Dogs saw you as prey, I thought, and given the chance, they would bite you.  Wasn’t that a sign that dogs and I would never be friends?  That some people are dog people and some people are….well some people are not?

And it would have stayed that way.  I would have been happy without the chewed up rubber balls and the hellish mess in the garden.  Only trouble was, my son Aiden had a dog shaped hole that just had to be filled.  He asked if he could have a dog and I said yes, but only at a future date.  And then I forgot all about it. 


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A Mom’s Journey


Baby Photographer

When you announce to the world that you are soon to be a mom it’s like the stage lights go on, the music queues and out of nowhere many an experienced mother will offer their free advice.

The one thing that moms kept saying (and one of the few things I totally agreed with) is that time goes quickly and that we had to preserve special memories for our child. (After all, our parents didn’t have the luxury of the digital world with instant video to capture first steps and voice recording for those first words). (more…)

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