Our photo-shoots are a fun adventure to be enjoyed by all, not to mention also getting the photographs you want.

To find the right photographer for any of your needs can be a challenge as you have such a wide choice, a relative that is a photography hobbyist, your friend that has just bought a camera that says they will take images for you, a photographer that is just starting out that has too good to be true specials, which unfortunately usually are too good to be true.

We always say look at the photographers work, if you like their style and you feel comfortable with them and can relate to them, then that is usually a good indication that you should be using them.

We are easy going, professional, and very approachable, we are going to take gorgeous images of you that you are going to love. At no stage will you be forced to purchase images, it is up to us to make you look gorgeous so that you want to purchase the portraits that we take.

Peter Driessel Photography has a professional studio with a makeup artist, creative director, editor and photographer all at hand whose main goal will to make you look like a glamour model like you will see in Vogue magazine or Vanity Fair. We have dedicated sets and props and everything you would need in one place.


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