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I am casual, shorts and t-shirt kind of guy with a dedication to photography and a love for scuba diving.  I am father to a young son and enjoy nothing better than chatting with friends.  I am psychologically minded, and am interested in ensuring that my clients feel safe and confident at all times.   I remain focused on creating a professional image at all times.

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Writing and About Us section is always very difficult as we have so much to say .  The majority of my portrait photography is focused on women as I believe every woman is beautiful and wants to feel beautiful, soI have created a place for that to happen.

Photographing mainly woman in/at my studios for the past several years has given me an insight into how much woman enjoy being appreciated and grow and feel liberated when they find their inner beauty. You will leave here with images that you will love. A portrait session with the girls could be the perfect day out.

I will photograph you so that your photo’s will rival that of any couture fashion magazine be it a wedding or a portrait session.

I also shoot families, boudoir, events, corporate, fitness and other styles of photography. I used to do a lot of underwater photography and have had images published in magazines, journals, websites and newspapers around the world.

Experience the glamour of a fashion model for the day, “where an image is not just a picture, but an experience.”

Why choose Peter Driessel Photography?

To find the right photographer for any of your needs can be a challenge as you have such a wide choice, a relative that is a photography hobbyist, your friend that has just bought a camera that says they will take images for you, a photographer that is just starting out that has too good to be true specials, which unfortunately usually are too good to be true.

We always say look at the photographers work, if you like their style and you feel comfortable with them and can relate to them, then that is usually a good indication that you should be using them.

I am easy going, professional, and very approachable, I am going to take gorgeous images of you that you are going to love. At no stage will you be forced to purchase images, it is up to me and my team to make you look gorgeous so that you want to purchase the portraits that we take.

Peter Driessel Photography has a professional studio with a makeup artist, creative director, editor and photographer all at hand whose main goal will to make you look like a glamour model like you will see in Vogue magazine or Vanity Fair. We have dedicated sets and props and everything you would need in one place. If you are interested in Boudoir Photography, then please visit our sister website.

“I had the privilege of working with Peter on the Bare Project, and I only have good things to say.  Not only is he professional and full of great ideas, he also did his absolute best to make me feel comfortable. I felt completely at ease around him, and I think that shows in the images produced!

His work is of an exceptional standard, and I would readily recommend him to anyone.”


“True professional, makes you feel comfortable and makes u laugh while taking pieces of art …

Peter makes a girl feel fabulous.”


“Where do I even start…  Well let me start off by saying I can’t stop raving about Peter Driessel Photography! Being able to
work with Peter was the most unreal experience ever.

Any model who works with you will understand what I mean. Thank you for everything!  Would work with you again in a heartbeat.”


“Always friendly, professional and educational. A safe environment where a girl can just let go and be whoever she wants to be without feeling judged.”


Peter is a very kind person who put me at ease and explained the poses which would make me look my best. Hair and make up made me feel totally marvellous. I could not recommend this experience more for women who want to give themselves (and their partners) a wonderful gift.


A fabulous photographer that makes each shoot comfortable and fun!

I loved my shoot with him, it was so spot on for the amount of time we spent…

absolutely rocking!


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A Mom’s Journey

When you announce to the world that you are soon to be a mom it’s like the stage lights go on, the music queues and out of nowhere many an experienced mother will offer their free advice. Baby Photographer The one thing that moms kept saying (and one of the few things I totally agreed with) is that time goes quickly and that we had to preserve special memories for our child. (After all, our parents didn’t have the luxury of the digital world with instant video to capture first steps and voice recording for those first words).


International award winning photographer
International award winning boudoir photographer
International award winning photographer
International award winning photographer
International award winning photographer
International award winning photographer
International award winning photographer
International award winning boudoir photographer


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