Bespoke Imagery

Portrait, Maternity, Family and Mother Daughter photography

Nestled in the vibrant pulse of Johannesburg, Peter Driessel Photography presents “Bespoke Imagery” – a curated suite of services that artfully intertwines Portrait, Family, Maternity, and Studio Photography. Every snapshot taken under this banner is a reflection of our dedication to capturing the genuine essence of moments, wrapped in the warm embrace of authenticity and passion. Predominantly tailored for women and capturing the profound beauty and essence of female experiences, each image stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to genuine storytelling and artistic excellence.

Our Core Principles

• Authenticity: Our camera doesn’t just capture faces; it delves deep, encapsulating genuine emotions, be it in a poignant portrait or a heartfelt maternity moment.
• Passion: Our fervour for photography ensures every family reunion or personal milestone translates into a universally relatable memory.
• Detail-Oriented: Whether it’s the soft glow in studio portraits or the nuanced selection of a maternity shoot gown, we ensure perfection in every frame.
• Integrity: Peter Driessel Photography is a symbol of trust, setting the gold standard in Johannesburg’s vibrant photography community.
• Client-Centric Approach: We prioritise your narrative, ensuring each photograph not only looks good but feels right.

Bespoke Offerings:

Portrait Photography: Crafted primarily for women, we capture every facet of individuality, be it a career-driven professional or someone cherishing personal transitions.

Family Photography: We stitch together a tapestry of shared moments and familial bonds, creating timeless treasures.

Maternity Photography: Celebrating women at this transformative juncture, our lens crafts a narrative filled with anticipation, guiding you from the perfect maternity dress selection to that radiant pose.

Studio Photography: In the heart of Johannesburg, our studio offers a haven where stories flourish, undisturbed and pure.

Sensuous Allure:

Boudoir/Sensual Photography: For those seeking a more intimate portrayal, a realm where elegance meets sensuality, we extend an invitation to our specialised realm of Boudoir Photography. Dive deep into this tantalizing world at by visiting Boudoir Fusion Photography.

When you step into the world of Bespoke Imagery with Peter Driessel Photography, you’re not just getting a service; you’re becoming a part of a narrative where each frame is a poetic ode to life’s myriad moments.

Monique Jordaan
We had a lovely experience with Peter. He handled our kitten with care and we got the most precious photos. We look forward to doing more pet shoots with Peter and maybe a boudoir shoot 😉
michellene van der walt
I will forever be greatful for the beautiful yoga photos Peter captured, he is professional, patient, talented and very easy to work with.
lemay rogers
Peter offers a professional service and ensures that you are comfortable during the entire shoot, it shows in your images.
Bridget Brookstone
Thank you Peter! We had such a positive experience getting our fur babies photographed with you! You kept such a positive attitude even though my kitty was playing up. The pictures are fantastic, thank you again. 10/10 recommended.
Ricky Hunt
We asked Peter to take a family portrait of our five labradors. He's professional, unfazed, affable. The dogs immediately took to him, and the results were exactly what we hoped for. Thanks, Peter
Yushreya Akaloo
Peter is so friendly and his photography skills are so professional and amazing! He knows exactly what he is doing and makes you feel comfortable whilst taking photos! Would definitely recommended him!
Janine Carley-James
I only use Peter for all of my professional shots and can't recommend him enough. He has an easy manner and is so down-to-earth that even the most camera shy person will walk out with fabulous images and boosted confidence.
Cuan Kemp
Peter is an incredible photographer! We always laugh on set, jokes all around, which makes you feel super comfortable so that you can get the best photos! BOOK HIM TODAY!!!!
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