The Peter Driessel Difference


With over 30 years of experience, transitioning from the mesmerizing world of underwater photography to the heartwarming realm of pets, Peter Driessel has crafted a style that’s authentic, emotive, and timeless. This isn’t just photography; it’s a passion for preserving memories of our furry, feathery, and even scaly companions.

In the digital age, where smartphone galleries are overflowing with snapshots of our beloved pets, there’s an indescribable charm in owning a timeless piece of art that captures your pet’s unique essence. Whether it’s a playful dog portrait, an elegant cat portrait, or even an exotic pet portrait, professional photography elevates these moments into lasting memories.

Why Choose a Professional Pet Photographer?
Your phone might be filled with candid moments of your furry or feathered friends, but how many of these do you proudly display in your home or office? Investing in professional pet photography ensures you get high-quality, artistic, and emotive captures that deserve a special place on your wall. With over a decade of experience in the Johannesburg area, and an extensive background in underwater photography, I’ve honed the craft of highlighting the genuine emotions and personalities of pets, from dogs and cats to even the most exotic creatures.

Puppies Grow Up Fast
We all have a soft spot for puppies. Those clumsy, sleepy, and irresistibly cute antics are fleeting. Before you know it, they’re all grown up. Don’t let those precious puppy moments slip by. Let’s immortalize that adorable mischief!

Cherish Every Moment
It’s a harsh reality that our pets won’t be with us forever. Regular photoshoots ensure you have a collection of heartwarming memories to hold onto. Your pet is not just an animal; they’re family. Just as we cherish portraits with our human loved ones, our pets deserve the same tribute.

Your Pet as Art
Move over stock photos; it’s time to create a personalized piece of animal art. My pet photography isn’t just about snapping a photo; it’s about creating an authentic, emotive, and timeless piece of art. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to capturing your pet’s true essence, the results are images so striking you’d be excited to showcase them in any space.

See the Value in Your Investment
While pet photography might seem like a luxury, the priceless memories captured offer immeasurable value. And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a pet lover, these portraits tick all the right boxes.

Pet Business Owners
Quality imagery can propel your brand to new heights. If you’re in the pet business, amplify your marketing materials with top-tier pet portraits that speak volumes about your commitment to quality.

Preparing for Your Session: Tips and Tricks

– Ensure up-to-date vaccinations for your pet.
– Come with a calm mindset; pets sense stress!
– Give us time to set up; it allows your pet to familiarize and relax.
– For dogs, a light walk before the shoot helps burn off excess energy.
– Grooming is essential: a good brush and cleaning tear stains make a world of difference.
– Keep their favorite treats, including peanut butter for dogs, out of sight until needed.
– Bring along cherished accessories like toys and blankets, but introduce them only when necessary.
– Health first: please bring personal blankets and outfits for your pet.
– Want to join in the photos? Dress in mid-tones and muted patterns. Makeup artists available on request.
– For dog owners, practicing commands like “sit” and “stay” can be beneficial.
– Whether you’re looking for dog photography, cat photography, or a unique pet portrait that resonates with the soul, I offer an experience that’s both professional and relaxed, guaranteeing memories that will last a lifetime. Join me in the Johannesburg area and let’s make pet portrait animal art that truly stands out.rancy and depth.

End-to-End Solutions: From preparation tips to framing suggestions, Peter Driessel Photography offers a holistic photography experience.

Join the Journey

Under Peter Driessel Photography, Pet Photography isn’t just a service, but a journey. A journey of capturing fleeting moments, playful antics, and the silent, loving bond shared with pets. Whether you’re seeking a dog photographer, a cat photographer, or an artist to paint the picture of your pet’s soul, Peter Driessel Photography promises memories that echo for a lifetime.


Mini Session
R3 000
  • 1-2 pets
  • Posing Guidance
  • 10 Standard Edits (Photos from the shoot)
  • Private use of our studio or shoot at a location of your choice R500 (Johannesburg area only, other locations upon request)
  • The images will be sent via WeTransfer in both web and print-ready format.
  • These images can be taken in 10-30 minutes but sometimes longer, depending on how comfortable your fur baby is, they often lose interest very quickly.
  • Additions:
  • Add a pet R500 pp
  • Add a human R500 pp
  • Professional Makeup, available for owner upon request at an additional R700pp
Outdoor, a Day in the Life
R10 500
  • 1 – 5 pets
  • 2 humans
  • Posing Guidance
  • 40 Standard Edits (Photos from the shoot)
  • 1 x A0 Canvases
  • Private Use of Studio and/or Travel to your location of choice (up to 30 km from the studio, further will incur a travel fee)
  • The images will be sent via WeTransfer in both web and print-ready format.
  • The images will be taken within the hour period(2 – 3 hours), there will be many times that your baby will be really good and we obtain all images within the first 60 minutes or less.
  • All images received are web-ready images.
  • Additions:
  • Add a pet R500 pp
  • Add a human R500 pp
  • Professional Makeup, available for owner upon request at an additional R700pp
Monique Jordaan
We had a lovely experience with Peter. He handled our kitten with care and we got the most precious photos. We look forward to doing more pet shoots with Peter and maybe a boudoir shoot 😉
michellene van der walt
I will forever be greatful for the beautiful yoga photos Peter captured, he is professional, patient, talented and very easy to work with.
lemay rogers
Peter offers a professional service and ensures that you are comfortable during the entire shoot, it shows in your images.
Bridget Brookstone
Thank you Peter! We had such a positive experience getting our fur babies photographed with you! You kept such a positive attitude even though my kitty was playing up. The pictures are fantastic, thank you again. 10/10 recommended.
Ricky Hunt
We asked Peter to take a family portrait of our five labradors. He's professional, unfazed, affable. The dogs immediately took to him, and the results were exactly what we hoped for. Thanks, Peter
Yushreya Akaloo
Peter is so friendly and his photography skills are so professional and amazing! He knows exactly what he is doing and makes you feel comfortable whilst taking photos! Would definitely recommended him!
Janine Carley-James
I only use Peter for all of my professional shots and can't recommend him enough. He has an easy manner and is so down-to-earth that even the most camera shy person will walk out with fabulous images and boosted confidence.
Cuan Kemp
Peter is an incredible photographer! We always laugh on set, jokes all around, which makes you feel super comfortable so that you can get the best photos! BOOK HIM TODAY!!!!
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