You Don't Take a Photography, You make it

Here are a few quick tips:

It is always a good idea to ensure you hair is looking fabulous, if you are a guy ensure your hair is neat and trimmed. For you ladies, I would recommend a to die for style, unless it is a professional headshot for your place of work. If you are going to get it coloured do that at least a week before the shoot.

Make sure your nails are trimmed, neat and tidy, you now have the perfect excuse for a manicure, guys that includes you. For ladies a French tip never dates. I would also recommend a good exfoliator, start a week before your shoot and ensure you are moisturized.

Image ideas
You probably like social media, if you don’t tell us your secret, so hit Pinterest or similar, type in Portrait photos, portrait photography, family photos/photography, whatever the genre is. Put a mood board together and bring it with you, we normally know what we are doing but you may just get a few ideas. If there is something unique and different tell us about it and we will endeavor to re-create your concept, just allow enough time for any concept shoots.

Corporate Headshots and portraits

Underwater Photography
Here are a few ideas, things we have been asked to do:
A really funky outfit with awesome makeup and a to die for hairstyle with twigs and other objects inserted.
Dressed up in Steampunk
An elaborate fashion styled shoot with an ultra-hip outfit.
You should start to get the idea; you probably have loads, we are always happy to discuss them with you.

What to wear
If it is a professional headshot, wear what you would normally wear to work, just ensure your garments are clean and ironed. For family shoots, go to our About section, we have several ideas on that page.

Choose your photographer carefully
You need to choose a photographer that you gel with, look at their portfolio as that is the type of image that you are going to be receiving from them. Ensure you like the products that they offer.

Location of the shoot
Whilst the majority of our clients come to our photographic studio, there are many that love the outdoors or have a favourite location.

Ask us about these options as we would be happy to schedule a shoot on location. Yes, there is an additional travel cost, but imagine the awesome art we can create together, so it is important to scout your location. If you choose our studio ask us about the various options you have here, would you like to be shot on a mottled brown backdrop, against black or white, look at our galleries to get a few ideas.

“Most of the time we don’t give more the a blink of an eye towards other people in our daily busy lives but lets be honest life gets a bit more beautiful when one takes a little more time.

Real people are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Peter has found a passion in an absolute perfect way to capture the essence of life in its personal beauty”

There are so many great ideas for your portrait photography shoot, be it an elaborate concept that we can discuss with the makeup artist or an exotic location shoot, please feel free to discuss any of these with me.

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